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Outsourcing training & development is viewed as an increasingly attractive prospect by many managers, specifically those who may have heard about the considerable savings that can be made by moving the provision of training & development to a reliable outside party. Training & Development help both the organizations and individuals to reach their true potential and increase their efficiency. Acreaty Philippines is a prominent provider of innovative Recruitment, Staffing and Training & Development services in the Philippines. The prime objective of our training and development division is to strategically ensure the availability of a skilled, talented and willing workforce to an organization.

Training & Development services in the Philippines

Established in 2001 Acreaty has delivered thousands of successful Training solutions to a range of small to large organizations in the Philippines & other parts of the world and helped many people into employment. Acknowledging the importance of focused training services and varied business requirements, we have developed tailored solution to effectively serve and meet requirements of our clients. We design training to suit your organization and your employees and give ideas on how to improve. We help you succeed by implementing effectual training & development solutions and programs that allow you to manage your business more efficiently.
The supreme benefits of structured and organized training programs are that the employees who are trained need lesser supervision than those who aren’t. A trainee acquires new knowledge, attitudes and better skills and applies them in job situations successfully and productively. Training is also a way to create the confidence among the employees, so that they can easily perform the toughest tasks with all efficiency.

The purpose of training and development can be explained as follows:

  • Refine and improve quality of the workforce
  • Improves employee growth and prosperity
  • Decreases necessity for supervision
  • Aids in achieving accuracy and perfection.
  • Keeping organization in a direction of growth and prosperity
  • Helps in both employee and organizational growth

Acreaty’s Training & Development Programs

We offer world-class training & development services with a unique model that is focused on each individual’s needs and experience. We completely support the development of its employees through training programs as well as other learning opportunities that strengthen their current level of competencies, work effectiveness and professionalism. Acreaty’s core and specific training programs cover the following areas:

  • Digital Marketing Training
  • Advanced HR Training
  • Professional Training
  • Advanced Sales Training
  • Foreign Languages
  • Soft Skills
  • Executive/Managerial Training

Our training programs are standard, structured and employment oriented. Currently, we offer standard and proven Training & Development services in the Philippines, across various industries including Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, Travel, Healthcare, Telecom, E-commerce, FMCG, Manufacturing & Retail, Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment and Energy, Natural Resources & Utilities and many more!!
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