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RPO is on the rise worldwide for a number of reasons, including wage increases, talent shortages, and rapidly increasing competition. Acreaty Philippines is a Premier Global consulting Company and has already established its name when it comes to Recruitment services serving clients across a myriad of industries both in the Philippines and international market. While accepting the changing market trends, we provide a complete range of Recruitment Process Outsourcing in the Philippines. Our ability to work promptly seamlessly allows us to fulfill high volume of staffing needs. We are well-admired for our unbounded vision and partnership-driven approach.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is in fact a form of BPO (business process outsourcing) where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment process to an outside service provider.
At Acreaty, we have a clear and stringent process that helps in finding the right candidate for you. We cover great tactic for finding talent, calculating workforce needs and matching headcount to meet your business requirements. For us, our recruitment services generally mean to plan, manage and execute a customized process to deliver astonishing business outcomes. We deliver streamlined, RPO services and solutions that improve time to hire, enhance candidate quality, significantly reduce hiring costs and provide verifiable metrics.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) in the Philippines

Our Recruitment services are advanced and revolutionary to manage the entire recruiting/ hiring process for clienteles, essentially serving as an extension of the client’s Human Resource departments. Our great exposure to changing dynamics and needs of the market is the additional bonus. Working together collaboratively can transform your approach to talent management and talent acquisition. Our proven and trustworthy recruitment solutions are tactfully designed to improve business productivity and performance.

  • We customize and provide a flexible approach that is appropriate for your business needs.
  • Our inbound team takes responsibilities of entire HR operations of our client such as job design, managing resume, screening candidates, scheduling interviews, etc.
  • We provide the perfect solution for your hiring challenges. This allows you to quickly and effectively adjust or fit with the changing business needs.
  • Our enthusiastic recruitment teams comprise of proactive and passionate talent experts committed to recruiting and assessing the right kinds of candidatures.
  • A focused and scalable recruitment solutions control over resources and cost, in the shortest time possible.
    In short, we know the talent you need and have the people, process, skill, proficiency and experience to find those critical hires. With obvious economic benefits and business operations improvements, RPO has become an important and a significant business strategy.

We deliver innovative Recruitment solutions for sustainable business success, Contact us right now!

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