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Payroll Processing

Payroll is a critical responsibility of the employer and his company because it involves all the financial stuffs that deal with the company’s employees, including salary, wages, bonuses, withheld taxes and other significant deductions. One of the core responsibilities of the Human Resource function is to ensure each employee is paid accurately and on time. Since payroll is a very complicated process, Companies most of the time need outsource experts to manage the organization’s payroll process or system. Acreaty Philippines is a leading provider of Payroll Processing Services in the Philippines and worldwide. Our expert team manages the entire Payroll processing requirements and provides simple and appropriate ways to Process employee’s salary and file Income tax return on time.

Acreaty’s Payroll Processing Services

Payroll processing involves tiresome and tedious routine work. Outsourcing this payroll process allows you to focus on growing your business. We offer highly efficient and well-organized payroll services. Partnering with us increases profits and reduces costs. We offer a reliable and convenient payroll process. Our proficient and dynamic team believes in delivering payroll solution on time and with complete accuracy and integrity.

Our payroll services in the Philippines include:

• Automatic Attendance system
• Provision of online access to payroll files
• Online Access to View or Print Salary Slip
• Reimbursement Management
• Employee insurance deductions
• Web-based/online employee self-service
• Workflow for Vacation Leave, Sick Leave, Overtime and Expense Approval
• Settlement of withholding taxes and contributions to respective government agencies
• Web-based Processing of Payroll, Reports Generation, Reimbursement, F&F, etc.
• ESS (Employee Self Service): Technology for employees to view salary slip, decide FBP, submit IT declaration, etc. online.
We work with a leading-edge payroll platform specifically designed for Philippine requirements. Your employee’s payroll will be processed in accordance with the newest and up-to-date alterations in regulations.

Benefits of outsourcing payroll management Services:

• Employer’s access to current and correct information, at all times.
• Support your entire employee payroll life-cycle.
• Compliant with all legal reporting requirements.
• Error-free documents & reports with sharp business acumen.
• Modified and Tailored MIS reports as per requirement.
• Updated on new provisions in the Income Tax laws.
• Client’s employee information remains completely confidential.
• Secured and available via the web, 24/7.
Our Payroll Outsourcing Services in the Philippines include advanced payroll solutions for all organizations– be it small, medium or big giants. Through our organized and managed Payroll Services capability we handle all operational aspects of the payroll process of an organization in the cost-efficient manner. If you are hunting for standard payroll processing services in the Philippines, your hunt should halt here.
We ensure your payroll is accurate, timely and secured. Contact us Now!

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