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In today’s competitive market, many companies follow the trend of concentrating on core-specialization areas and outsourcing the rest of the business activities. Such organizations and companies have come to realize that by outsourcing non-core activities, not only cost is reduced and efficiency is improved, but the total business improves because the attention shifts to the key business activities and growth areas. The Philippines, India, Russia and China are some of the players on the floor of outsourcing industry that has proven efficiency of delivering quality services in these high-end processes.
Across industries, organizations are also realizing the strategic advantages of Knowledge Process Outsourcing & Data Processing. To succeed in KPO approach, you need a sterling service provider that offers services with a total commitment to quality, transparency, communication and customer service. Acreaty Philippines provides cost-effective, time bound and value-added Knowledge Process Outsourcing in the Philippines that help clienteles streamline their processes and enable superior decision-making to improve their business outcomes.

What is Knowledge Process Outsourcing?

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) covers the entire gamut of intellectual capital-centric activities such as equity research, market and business research, domain specific research, data processing & mining, content management, database management, etc. It usually involves high-value work by knowledgeable, experienced and highly skilled staff. We offer global customers with a wide range of services among different industry verticals like Telecom, Banking Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Insurance and many more.
As a full service provider, Acreaty’s has built strong international credibility in the KPO services business by delivering pioneering value-added services to our clients. As a leader in the KPO industry, we provide several knowledge-based solutions such as Web Application Development, Engineering Services, Legal Processes, CAD/ CAM Applications, Business Research and Analytics, Legal Research, Publishing and Market Research, etc. This is the key reason why KPO& Data Processing is also known as a Business Research Process.

Acreaty’s KPO& Data Processing can provide the following benefits:

  • Valued cost savings
  • Prompt & Trained professionals at work
  • Standard operational efficiency
  • Increase in returns (ROI)
  • Savings in time for maintaining in house services
  • Knowledge acquisition and retention
  • Understand the business requirements and contribute to the improvement
  • Total commitment to Quality Assurance

We assist our clients with critical insights to make better informed business decisions. Having thorough IT expertise, good domain knowledge and certified quality management processes in place, we help our clients exceed their customer expectations and strategically increase your productivity. We aim at being the client’s partner in understanding precise Business knowledge & data and equipping our proactive and passionate Analysts to fulfill the requirements of the client.
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