How Business Outsourcing works as a Catalyst in Philippines?

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How Business Outsourcing works as a Catalyst in Philippines?

With the increasing rate of expenses required when operating a business, companies continuously hunt for for venues where they can cut cost—this is where outsourcing your Business comes in. Currently, The Business Outsourcing Companies of Philippines is amazingly advancing and offering a great challenge to other neighbor countries like India and China. Few research studies on the Global outsourcing Market held in the year 2016 revealed that Manila, the capital city sits in the second place and create a benchmark for the biggest outsourcing city in the Globe.
Well, according to the Information and Communications Technology office, the country saw a 30-40 percent growth rate over the past decade. Even though they were a little late to the party, the country has shown incredible growth in the industry. The Southeast Asian country with a gross population of more than 100 million has become one of the top outsourcing destinations in the Globe, owing to the combination of its highly qualified and cost-competitive manpower, including strong government support for investment in business outsourcing. Outsourcing date and stats even revealed that in 2015, the outsourcing industry employed over 1 million Filipinos, with estimates that it can generate up to $55 -$ 60 billion by 2020 or approximately 11 % of the country’s GDP, according to World Bank evaluations.
The country’s strong set up in the BPO market comes from the benefits it provides business internationally, specifically the United States. Why do overseas businesses continuously invest their business operations in the Philippines? Well, it’s because of these incredible benefits that their company can enjoy. While the Philippines is now turned out as the leader in voice-based business services, there are approx. 25 different sectors represented in its IT and shared services sector, and increasingly these sectors represent non-voice services. More than 1/3 rd. of the industry is engaged in delivering complex services. The Philippines has been known to be the most attractive sites for Outsourcing during the past years. Having a good repute, the country was able to pursue a lot of investors with the result of acquisition of more accounts and clientele.
By delegating specified functions and administrative tasks to an offshore staff, companies are able to pursue cost efficient operations though maintaining high quality service to its customers. In the Asian province, this country remains as a forerunner in the BPO industry, displaying a consistent fast-paced growth. In a few years alone, the Philippines were able to make it to the top list of the most preferred BPO destinations globally. In outline, the benefits of outsourcing include cost reduction, accessibility of skilled talent, flexibility and reduced exposure to lawsuits.

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